2018 Meal Dates

Here are the dates for the 2018 Soup and More meals:
January 28, 2018
February 25, 2018
March 25, 2018
April 29, 2018
May 27, 2018
June 24, 2018
July 29, 2018
August 26, 2018
September 30, 2018
October 28, 2018
November 25, 2018
December 16, 2018 (note that this Christmas party is on the 3rd Sunday)

2017 Meal Dates

Here are the dates for the 2017 Soup and More meals:
January 29, 2017
February 26, 2017
March 26, 2017
April 30, 2017
May 28, 2017
June 25, 2017
July 30, 2017
August 27, 2017
September 24, 2017
October 29, 2017
November 26, 2017
December 17, 2017 (Christmas Party – Starts at 3 PM instead of the usual 4 PM – all other meals start at 4 PM)
Hope to see everyone at the meals!

Christmas Party

The Soup and More December 2016 “meal” is a Christmas Party on Sunday, December 18, from 3-5 pm.

This is not a dinner.

Refreshments will be served.

Gifts will be distributed.

Pack-a-Sack will be open for grocery distribution.

Volunteers are needed anytime between 1 and 6 p.m. on the 18th.

Come and enjoy the party.

WIU Supply Chain Management

Many thanks to the WIU Supply Chain Management club for donating a variety of nonperishable goods to Soup & More. Here is a picture of them unloading some of the food that they donated today:
Supply Chain Management Delivering Food Donation
Also thanks to volunteers from WAVE and all of the other groups that help to make Soup & More possible. We look forward to seeing everyone again next month for the May meal.

Note – Donations of nonperishable food and fresh produce are always welcome at our meals. 🙂

2016 Meal Dates

As a reminder, the Soup & More meal is the last Sunday of every month. This year, Easter and Christmas both fall on the last Sunday of the month, so our March and December meals will be a week earlier on the 4th Sunday. Here is the list of meal dates for 2016:

January 31st
February 28th
March 20th (4th Sunday instead of 5th Sunday due to Easter being on the 5th Sunday)
April 24th
May 31st
June 26th
July 31st
August 28th
September 25th
October 30th
November 27th
December 18th (Christmas party from 3-5 PM)

Pictures from the September Meal

Here are some pictures from Pack-a-Sack at our most recent meal. We had tons of great food, lots of helpful volunteers, and many guests at our meal. Thanks again to the Presbyterian Women for cooking the meal and to HyVee for donating the bread/desserts. We hope to see everyone on October 25th for our next monthly meal.

September 27th Meal

We’re really looking forward to next Sunday September 27th Soup & More Meal. The Presbyterian Women will be cooking the meal and the tentative menu will be Sloppy Joe’s, Macaroni & Cheese, and desserts from HyVee. Come join us from 4-6 PM for a great meal! Thanks again to the Presbyterian Women for cooking this month’s meal.

2015 Meal Dates

Here are the 2015 Meal dates for Soup & More:

  • May 31
  • June 28
  • July 26
  • August 30
  • September 27
  • October 25
  • November 29
  • December 20 from 3-5 PM (all other meals are 4-6 PM)